Our Business

We are working to grow our brand beyond the scope of Queer Burner events yet maintain the integrity of the ethos of the 10 Principles by providing additional channels that provide community building and leadership projects to the community at large. While our focus is typically LGBTQ we are not limited by labels. People of any walk of life should feel safe and welcome in our events.

Sole Proprietorship

Life Grand Brilliant Triumphant Production is a sole proprietorship owned by Scott K created as an umbrella for projects that were initially under the scope of specific Burning Man (not affiliated) community events like those listed in the events section (linked). The 10 Principle ideology that made that community thrive is integral to any flourishing of community and continuity of a person or group of people finding success in themselves. We can win with the strategy of helping someone else find success before ourselves.

In other words: The path to enlightenment is to help someone else get there first.

As we move forward into 2018 and the coming years ahead we hope to see people blossom and grow into themselves. Find out who you are and be comfortable in that skin. Find fellowship and community in those around you. Feel lifted and strengthened in our circle.


There is a team working as the voices of this project starting the year. Our primary focus right now is All Of Us 2018 (Facebook Link) (Eventbrite Link) and possibly some more events as we progress. In fact there is a new event on the horizon in May to help raise money for our Art Budget to be held in San Francisco this May. Stay tuned for details.

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