All Of Us event 2017 Report

All Of Us event logo
All Of Us event 2017 logo

The All Of Us event was held at Saratoga Springs in Upper Lake, Ca (Lake County) at the Saratoga Springs Retreat Center. This is privately owned land owned by members of the Radical Faery community that has been an ideal setting for events like ours. These are spaces that are ideal for cultivating queer ideology and community.

The event was re-branded from it’s former identity as the “Queer Burner Retreat” to “All Of Us event” (AOU) to be a more radically inclusive and to create a space where a more diverse population felt safe and welcome. Our focus is LGBTQ and our allies. Other events do not consciously focus on a heteronormative population but the overt nature of most 10 principles events has a Caucasian, heterosexual base with an after thought of other groups. As for All Of Us event we had a very diverse population in attendance with mostly LGBTQ and some heterosexual people instead of the reverse.

We are a sex positive community and believe in consent and respect all body types. All Of Us was more than a name, it was a banner where every ticket was sold to whomever chose to participate and absolutely no one was excluded.

The event opened Thursday, May 24th at Noon and closed Monday, May 29th also at noon. There were 148 people, including production team and hired staff, brought into the venue via ticket sales on Eventbrite (and a few gate sales).

  • Total Sales: $21,000
  • Overhead : $20,500
  • Proceeds: < $500

All Of Us event is part of Life Grand Brilliant Triumphant Productions (LGBTProduction). The company currently has the following DBA (doing business as) projects:

  • All Of Us event
  • All Of Us: In The City
  • Queer Burner Leadership Summit (Network)
  • Queer Burners [dot] Com

The company is a sole proprietorship under Scott Kay (Toaster)* until defined as a legal identity that takes the form of a not for profit or for-profit company. At this time, money made off of any and all events is going right back into the community. At this stage it is being produced as a not for profit organization. No producer connected to any event has made money from this company endeavors.

All Of Us event 2017

All Of Us event logo
All Of Us event logo

This year the production team set some goals. Among them were to provide a clean and well orchestrated event with a theater that welcomed a more diverse population and offered safe space for all. We also offered educational information and support for: Mental and Physical Health, 10 Principle Acculturation, and Leadership. We would also put more focus on art development and performance. Our mission statement is about community building and leadership.

We had a sharp increase in CIS female attendance over the previous year. It may have had a lot to do with 2 factors: that a female leader from Camp Beaverton was on the core production team and that the public relations team worked hard to make it clear that we would make every effort to have safe space for female and gender queer attendees.


The information below is a best case assessment based on the head count on site by Scott Kay as Executive Producer. The survey that followed the event did not yield clear results. This is a best estimation:

All of Us event 2017 demographics
All of Us event 2017 demographics
All of Us 2017 markers
All of Us 2017 markers

The event demographic varied in the population that attended in the previous years in that we had more than the gay white male that typically attends these events. The attempt to re-brand and make the Queer Burner Retreat feel safe and welcoming to a wider demographic had a degree of success as noted above.

Without clear demographic data from the previous year it is not possible to show the growth of  diversity clearly, but it was very evident in the presence of the people  who were at the event.

Budget and Finance

All Of Us 2017 Finances
All Of Us 2017 Finances

With a new location and updated programming we had originally hoped to see a marked increase in participants from 150 in 2016 to closer to 300 in 2017. It became clear early on that there were a variety of factors that made that goal unrealistic. The production team focused on content and planned for a maximum attendance between 150 and 200 with the prediction that success would see future attendees more inclined to come.

We made approximately $21,000 in ticket sales and donations and finished the event at nearly break even at an overhead of $20,500 keeping us in line with our goals for the last 3 years.

This is the first year we have been in the black at the end of the event. In the previous years we were off by approximately – $1000.00 which was recoverable through fund raising.

What Worked

The event was crowned with an art piece at the center called The Journey which is coming to Burning Man in 2017. They brought a 30 foot piece of their structure which was light and sound reactive and stood beside the BAAAHS bus (named Pearl) for the course of the weekend. Our art space also included “Frames” by Visuals by 3 and Squares by Steve Dudek. These 3 installations made up an Art Garden that was the focal point and main thoroughfare of the weekend.


  • Thursday night was a more ambient night as early arrivals settled in after a noon gate opening. A pool side party developed organically and with about 70% of attendees on site there was a lot of fun there.
  • Friday evening was a scheduled party in our “Art Garden” featuring The Journey and sounds from Pearl. We also opened the yurt on the hillside for a retreat, off the beaten path, play space anyone could use with music playing.
  • Saturday evening was our scheduled “After World” party. 3 from Visuals by 3 created a projection alter that set the stage for the evening. The general theme was essentially: “what is your interpretation of the after life?” Accompanied by masks made at a workshop earlier in the day at poolside everyone wore custom looks in the namesake of the event.
  • Sunday afternoon we had a special pool party with hosted music led by our music director with food for everyone including hot dogs, chips and light beverages. While this was happening The Journey team made custom screen printed t-shirts for guests.
  • Sunday was our special evening with a live performance by 3 again, except this was a video mapped dance production featuring “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” which led into an evening with an MC who intermixed a Burner Fashion Show with a Talent Show that was amazing to watch.

Work Shops

Many of the workshops that were curated were very successful and attended well. We had three tracks including Mental and Physical Health, 10 Principle Acculturation, and Leadership. The classes were really well executed and structured. People had the chance to sign up early or come and go as desired.

  • 1 important lesson was that workshops on Sunday coinciding with party events were not such a good match.

Dan Reeves (The Journey, 2017) and Dan Sullivan (Catacomb of Veils, 2016) spoke about their projects and their relationship to queer art. This was very important and provided a lot of amazing messages when it came to speaking of radical inclusion and self expression. It spoke of Immediacy and taking action to be part of a communal effort. The video will be published soon.

Medical Support

We had amazing people on site on a variety of levels there for people as needed. We had someone setup a full medical station off the back of a toy-haller with equipment and first aide supplies as needed. We also had a roaming paramedic and several green dot certified rangers (not in uniform), plus some people in the community who identified as therapists who offered their services if needed.

What was less successful

The food was absolutely amazing and the food and beverage department did a great job over all, but for the last 2 years we have sorely lacked in the vegetarian department. We asked our chef to be more prepared this year and provided people to help in this area but the result was unsatisfactory. The food was fantastic, but the general feeling was that it was not very diverse and provided limited options.

To say that Food & Beverage was a failure is not a correct assessment at all. But we must do better moving forward for vegetarian foods as well as a more diverse menu.

  • Better meal planning
  • Not scheduling serious workshops over play time

Important Notes

The breakdown and the cleanup went very well. A team gathered Monday morning with a checklist from the property and went through each step. A lead did a walking tour with the property manager and gave us an all clear. We had one minor problem with a soiled mattress and sheet that needs to be replaced.


There were 2 visits to medical that needed attention. The medical lead will post that information in a report that will be added to this in the near future.

  • 2 people sent to hospital

One situation was an old injury that sent an attendee home to San Francisco to recuperate.

The second situation sent an unconscious attendee by ambulance to the hospital who was back by morning in apparent good health.


The event was a huge success and Saratoga Springs has invited us back for 2018. The reservation has been made and we will start the production for this after the 2017 burn event in Nevada.

All Of Us event 2017 production team

Exec ProducerToasterSun Guardians
Asst Exec ProducerTimeshare
Food & Bev DirSister PornComfort & Joy
Entertainment & Events DirToasterSun Guardians
Operations, Volunteers and Placement DirGalaxyCamp Beaverton
PR DirDareGlamcocks
Music Dir / DJTrever PearsonComfort & Joy
Food & Bev TeamChefJoseSun Guardians
Sous ChefPaco & Juan
Entertainment & EventsArt Garden & Technical GuruTraavenBAAAHS & Glamcocks
Education CoordinatorPapa SmurfCamp Proper
Stage ManagerBloomFURngully
Performer, Event
DJTraavenBAAAHS & Glamcocks
DJJason Godfrey
Volunteer, Placement & OperationsCoordinatorPickleCamp Beaverton
Associate Editor and some imagesTimeshare
AccountingAccountant ConsultantRandy


We will have to start a fund raising campaign for the 2018 event this year so a deposit can be made and we can start laying the stones to reach successful goals for next year.

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